Guys, chapter 15 of Not a Rom-Com is FINALLY up!

This isn’t the end yet, because what I was writing as the final chapter was getting too long so I’ve decided to split it into 2 parts, so there’s more coming this weekend.

I hope you guys like it and I’m sorry about the delay.



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  • saraportelaCan i ask you what might seem like stupid question? It's been confirmed that the 13th book is going to be about Trez and iAm. I just finished John's and Xhex's book so maybe someone is missing me or i'm interpreting it wrong, but aren't they brothers? Or is the book about them with OTHER people but still about them? I thought i'd ask you because you're so nice whenever people come to you with doubts about BDB :) Thanks in advance
  • brotherhoodconfessions

    That’s not a stupid question at all, nalla.  =)

    Yes, Trez and iAm are brothers.  The book will be about the pair of them and settling their love lives versus the life they are trying to forget in the Shadow community.  Without giving too much away, there’s a shit ton for them to sort through before they can be free from their past, and that past is catching up to them quick!  I’m actually really excited for it, because I’ve wanted more backstory on the Shadows for ages.

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